Universal Awning Parts

Universal Retractable Awning Parts

Wherever you bought your roll-up awning, you can repair or upgrade it from our selection of universal awning supplies and parts. There are many brands of awnings out there, and we know some parts are going to be similar regardless of who you purchase from. What DIY Retractable Awnings can promise is that the parts you buy from us will have the highest-quality design and construction. Order replacement parts for your SunCover awning or get Durasol retractable awning parts plus components for other major brands. These parts are assembled in the U.S. using materials from North America and Europe because we hold to the tried-and-true saying that you get what you pay for.

Motorized & Manual Awning Parts

Repair any awning or add useful features that improve its function and reliability. If you need a new gudgeon to connect the roller tube, we have several sizes that are made of cast aluminum for either pivot end or gear end. Having trouble rolling the canopy out? Shop for manual awning crank replacement parts such as hook style crank handles, ball style handles, worm gears and replacement gear eyes. We have PVC spline to hold the fabric in place and roof mount brackets that convert a wall-mount awning to a roof installation. Homeowners with a motorizing awning may be interested in an override motor stem that allows for a switch to manual operation in case of problems or accidental openings.

A Quick High-Quality Repair Solution

DIY Retractable Awnings helps every roll-up awning owner — even those who didn’t initially buy their awning from us — make the repairs they need to enjoy years of reliable operation. We have more than 25 years of retractable awning experience and employ skilled craftsmen who understand that quality is everything. There are other parts available beyond what’s listed here, so contact us by phone or email if you have a request.


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