Soliris RTS Motor Awning Sensors

Adapt your awning to the weather to improve its function and longevity with our selection of retractable RTS awning sensors. A motorized awning is already a convenient addition to patios, decks, balconies and other gathering areas. Still, you can make them do even more with the right parts and accessories. These awning weather sensors are specifically made for use with the RTS series of Somfy awning motors. By detecting certain outdoor conditions and opening or closing the awning accordingly, they can increase the canopy’s protection and extend its lifespan — and once they’re installed, you don’t need to do a thing!

Adapt Your Awning to the Weather

DIY Retractable Awnings has an assortment of Somfy Soliris RTS wireless awning sensors from this leading European brand. Their roll-up awning wind sensors prevent your shading system from getting ripped away by strong gusts. When the sensor detects wind above a certain speed, it shuts the awning before something bad can happen. An awning sun sensor is another great tool that adjusts how far the awning is open based on how intense the sun is. Indoor sun sensors limit the amount of glare in a room while outdoor sensors protect people, pets and patio furniture using an eight-level system.

For even more control, add a wireless awning sun and rain sensor. These let you set a rainfall threshold at use the awning retracts along with custom sunlight settings. Sensors aren’t just for weather either. We carry an outdoor RTS lighting receiver for remotely controlling awning lights and the Somfy myLink that gives you control through a smartphone or tablet.

A Whole New Outdoor Sense

Upgrade your awning or replace damaged parts by shopping for motorized awning sensors. Many options are available to fit your SunCover awning or another retractable canopy with an RTS motor. We are here to help homeowners customize every part of their shading products — contact us to learn more!

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