Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning offers relief from the sun at just the times when you want it. Take advantage of those sunny afternoons when there isn’t a cloud in the sky without risking a sunburn. Get just enough cover to have your breakfast coffee with your newspaper in the backyard on a beautiful morning.

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Easy Custom Awning Kits

DIY Retractable Awnings makes custom-size awnings in the U.S. from quality materials sourced in the United States and Europe. Retractable awning kits are made to your specifications and easy to install. Select from solid or striped materials that match your home’s color and décor. Awnings give your patio or deck a finished look, and certainly add comfort on hot, sunny days that would otherwise be oppressive.

A sturdy awning provides years of use and seasons of pleasant hours spent in your home. Retractable awnings are available in Good, Better and Best models, where you can choose the price point and construction. Compare these styles in our SunCover Comparison Chart to determine which one is best for your home. We also offer premade awnings in standard sizes for some attractive savings, if you can work with standard sizes to cover the space you intend.

High-Quality Awnings to Complement Your Home

These awnings are sturdy enough to stand against the elements. Though you will mostly use the shade cover in warmer weather when you are most likely to sit outside and enjoy the time outdoors. The retractable design includes housing that protects the awning when not in use. Tools to operate the opening and closing of the retractable awning are included in your DIY kit.

Customize your awning to go with your house’s architecture and color palate. For a classic look, go with a waved valance, while a straight valance offers a clean, modern look. You can also choose the drive option, selecting a manual or motor operation, and other features that make this a truly custom option for patio awning kits. For the care and upkeep of your awning, check our awning accessories and replacement parts collections.

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