The parts shown on this page are specifically for existing SunCover awning models. Some replacement parts listed will also fit some Eclipse branded awning models. In general, they will not fit other brands of awning.  Call us if you have questions.

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Retractable awnings can also last a long time because you can retract them when they are not in use or when the weather is bad. Although they will still need to be repaired from time to time, and when they do, it saves you a considerable amount of money if you can perform the work yourself.To make your awnings and canopies last longer, you will need to take precaution with maintenance and repair, especially depending on the climate these are in. A retractable patio awning can add shade and reduce heating and cooling bills as long as they’re functional and in proper condition.
Parts for DIY Retractable Awning Repairs
An awning or canopy can be fixed at home to save money on repairs, keep your awning working reliably for longer, and help prevent further damage. We carry many different SunCover awning parts, including awning controls and sensors as well as awning right and left arms, arm shoulders, arm brackets, soffit install brackets, plug-in cords, replacement radio motors and more.
What If I Can’t Repair My Awning By Myself?
If the damage seems too severe following a storm, your awning is no longer under warranty, or it has served you well for many years already and needs too many repairs, it may be time to replace your awning. You can save money, and lots of it, by installing your retractable awning yourself. It’s our goal to make that easy for homeowners to do!

With DIY Awnings, you’ll get the replacement parts you need for your awnings and canopies as well as clear instructions for installing them yourself. Shop with us today, or contact us with any questions you may have about installing or repairing a retractable patio awning.

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