Awning Accessories

Awning Accessories

Enhance the look, performance and lifespan of your awning with high-quality accessories that are made in the U.S. for extra dependability. DIY Retractable Awnings are already a valuable addition to your home. However, there are many other ways you can improve their functionality and appearance. Our retractable awning accessories help homeowners and business owners use them the way they want to for a personalized experience. We offer many types of awning add-ons that are as easy to install and use as the awning itself.

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Awning Upgrades & Maintenance Products

As great as a roll-up awning is by itself, our accessories help it do even more. Patio awning drop shades provide an additional barrier against the sun for protection during the hottest, brightest parts of the day. When the sun goes down, you can keep the fun going with awning lights. An LED mood lighting package provides some extra visibility without losing the magic of the night. Infrared awning heaters extend the outdoor gathering season into the spring and fall with some needed warmth for chilly nights.
Even those not looking for extra functionality still care about the look and durability of their sun covering. We offer awning fabric cleaning kits and touch-up paint to restore the like-new look. Retractable awning wind sensors are another great add-on. These will automatically roll up the awning when the wind reaches a certain speed to prevent rips and tears.

Custom DIY Awning Supplies

Using the right accessories will make your awning the place to gather under for years to come. These awning accessory kits can be installed using the included hardware along with basic household tools. These functional upgrades come in several colors and sizes to fit your specific SunCover awning. By ordering directly from the manufacturer, you can save money while getting the same great products. Call us to learn more or ask about other accessories to step up your sun protection and curb appeal.


After the sun sets, the lack of lighting can impact everyone’s experience underneath an awning. Awning lighting products are practical, as they can effectively illuminate an entire patio or deck, but they are also great as mood lighting. When compared to lanterns, awning lights produce more efficient and more even lighting.

Wind Sensors

Retractable awnings are made to withstand a level of wind, sun and rain,  but they have their limits. Our Somfy Wireless 3-D Wind Sensor can protect your retractable awning from damaging winds by retracting the awning when the wind is at a certain speed. This helps your awning last longer and gives you more peace of mind.

Awning Infrared Heaters

Want to keep using your outdoor spaces even when the night air gets a little more crisp in the fall, or in the spring when there’s still a bit of chill in the air? An infrared heater package for your awning can help you enjoy your outdoor spaces, like your deck or patio, more comfortably for more of the year.

These awning heater kits can be installed by the homeowner, but it’s important to follow the directions carefully to avoid the risk of fire, injury or damage that can be caused by improper mounting. We include all the mounting hardware and instructions you need to install your awning heater safely.

Benefits of Buying Awning Accessories

Drop shades, lights, heaters, and other accessories help homeowners and business owners get more out of using their awnings. Other accessories, like our fabric cleaner and protectant kit or our SunCover Touch-up Paint Pen, can help you keep your awning looking newer for longer.

The big benefit is that most awning products are very easy to use or install, as these add-on items can be installed with common household tools and the hardware that is included in the kits. If you need help picking proper accessories for a short or wide awning or an awning of any type or size, contact us today.

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