Electronics for Four-Wire Awning Motors

Install a new awning system or add RTS capabilities to your long-standing canopy by using DIY Retractable Awnings motor electronics. The parts and accessories on this page are designed for the standard four-wire motors that power many hardwired roller awnings, shutters, blinds and shades. This includes more than a dozen Somfy four-wire retractable awning motors we sell, including the 525 A2, 540 CMO and 680 R2. Using them allows homeowners to add Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) to an awning, enabling an exclusive control platform for wirelessly adjusting Somfy’s motorized products. With high-quality four-wire motor electronics, you’ll have the right components to fully integrate a motor with most home automation systems.

Comfort Control for Your Patio

We stock everything you need to enable the use of sensors and remote controls on your RTS four-wire awnings. The foundation of this system is the Somfy Universal Receiver that adds RTS capabilities. Attach a 12-foot or 24-foot power cord and connect to the nearest outlet to be on your way to wireless operation.

To control the RTS accessories you want to use, homeowners will also need to install a universal RTS interface and a Lutron translator. The URTSI box allows outside automation systems (such as a wall switch) to wirelessly take command of an RTS-enabled device while the translator box forms a logic center and bridge that enables communication with those systems.

Go Wireless with the Right Electronics

By adding four-wire motor awning RTS components, you can experience all the benefits of wireless operation while still leaving the wired solution in place as a back-up. Contact DIY Retractable Awnings to learn more about our awning electronics that are assembled in the U.S. Once they’re installed, you’ll be ready to make use of wind sensors, sun sensors and other useful RTS awning sensors. We’ll help you get more from your hands-free retractable awning that rolls in and out with the flick of a switch.

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