DIY Awning Motor Kits & Installation Parts

Your awning motor installation will go smoothly when you have these retractable awning motor parts. There’s more to switching motors than just taking out the old one and popping the new component in. Oftentimes, the hardware also needs to be replaced. Our roll-up awning motor kits and parts are made to work with the retractable awning motors we also sell. All parts are made using materials from North America and Europe for high-quality performance and easy DIY setup.

Essential Hardware & Tools

DIY Retractable Awnings has many options to make sure your new motor works without a hitch. Shop a selection of awning motor installation hardware such as mounting brackets and crown and drive sets. These come in several sizes and shapes to fit different motors. Certain brackets also support features such as limit-setting, manual override, torque-sensing and impulse function.

To take advantage of these features, add the right awning motor kits and tools during your setup. You can design a custom motorized awning with or without manual override. The CMO Kit for RTS & STD Motors includes everything you need to instantly take control of the awning when needed. This can be useful if someone hits the open/close button by mistake or the power has gone out. A non-override kit, on the other hand, will fully open or close the awning once the process has begun, though it can be overridden in an emergency.

Do More with Your Awning Motor

For more than 25 years, we have been a leader in retractable awnings for homeowners. This is because we don’t just make high-quality DIY awnings — we also provide the parts, tools and installation kits get them working. If you’re replacing a motor or turning a manual awning into a motorized one, make sure you get the right awning motor supplies. Contact us for more information or if there are other parts you need.

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