Replacement Retractable Awning Arms

Get your roll-up awning working as good as new with a roll-up awning arm from DIY Retractable Awnings. Whether you have a manual or motorized retractable canopy, the folding arms are where the real magic happens. These high-tension, spring-loaded arms extend the awning outward and then pull back into the cassette, or under a hood  with ease. While we craft these arms to the highest standards, they can still wear out over time or get damaged by accidents and Mother Nature. Our large selection of replacement awning arms will restore your shading system so everyone can relax under a stylish covering once again.

The Best Arms for Your Custom Awning

We sell both left and right DIY awning arms to restore full function. Our SunCover awning arms section has direct replacements for the arms that initially came with your awning. This includes SunCover 1000, SunCover 4000 and SunCover 5000 awning arms. Each dual-cable tension arm attaches directly to the front bar and is available in several unique lengths and colors. Note these arms are exclusively for SunCover awnings and will not work with other awning brands.

You can also upgrade your awning when replacing the arms. SPLENDOR retractable awning arms have a concealed-belt design that provides more tension and also protects the system from weather elements. Meanwhile, ABT folding awning arms use Advanced Belt Technology® with a flat, flexible belt in a PVC coating. Both of these options are stronger and longer-lasting than traditional cable tensioning if you need the highest performance.

What Brand of Units Will They Fit?

Each manufacturer in the shading industry offers uniquely designed retractable awning arms and shoulders. The arms and shoulders offered on this site will ONLY FIT the specific brands on awnings listed below. If you don’t see your brand listed below then most likely it will not fit. We tell you this in advance so that you do not waste time and money ordering the incorrect part. Many components of retractable awnings are more of a universal fit, arms and shoulder are not. For customers who have severely damaged units and are unable to find replacement parts, but their motor and fabric cover are still good, we offer “frame only” special pricing. For this option, it’s best to call in and speak with a shading specialist.

Brand of awnings these arms will fit:

DIY Retractable Awning units – all SunCover models
Eclipse units – Eclipse and Eclipse Premier models
Sun Stopper units – all models
Llaza units – most models
Anchor Industries – older models – call first

Strong-Arm Each Patio Awning

Unlike a confident human, an awning can’t function with one arm tied behind its back. Retractable awning replacement arms will quickly get both sides of the canopy working again. Simply follow the installation instructions for your SunCover model and use caution. Check out the rest of our awning parts to find everything you need for any type of repair project.

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