Retractable Awning 10:1 Manual Worm Gear


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Your season in the sun — or the shade of your awning — can get quickly back into gear with a simple part. Get your retractable awning quickly back up and running with a replacement 10:1 manual worm gear. The part is an exact replacement of that used in most awning models and is easy to install. The worm gear attaches to the end bracket roller tube and is used with a hook style crank handle. The part has a loop that hangs, and the hook from the crank handle slides in to turn the roller and extend open or retract closed the awning.

The 10:1 manual worm gear measures 0.5″ or 13mm at the center hole; 1.9″ or 48mm center to center bolt holes. The piece measures 2.5″ by 2.73″ without the hook, and 5.5″ including the hook. The part includes the gear piece and works with the hardware previously used.

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