Retractable Awning Transmitters & Switches

Once you’ve installed a replacement awning motor, the next step is having a way to operate it. Awning switches and transmitters from DIY Retractable Awnings are a reliable way to roll your canopy out or pack it up again. Instead of having to manually operate your shading system, you can do so with the push of a button. We can help anyone find the right roll-out awning controller that saves time and hassle when you’re heading outside.

Stylish Control & Big Savings

If you need a switch for your retractable awning, we have several options. Hardwired awning switches are the most reliable way to connect a controller to the awning motor. As long as you have a clear line of signal and compatible motor, wireless retractable awning switches are easier to install. We carry toggle switches, paddle switches and push-button switches in many styles and colors to match the décor. Our five-channel RTS motor switches can be programmed to different settings of how far an awning opens or closes.

Instead of keeping all the controls in a fixed place, you can put them in the palm of your hand by using patio awning transmitters and remotes. They range from basic single-channel remotes that simply open and close to the Somfy Telis 16 that can manage 16 groups at once with an LCD screen. Such remotes can be programmed for multiple awning settings as well as motorized LED lights, roller shades and other outdoor décor.

The Best DIY Awning Parts

For more than a quarter-century, DIY Retractable Awnings has been a leader in self-installed awnings. Our motorized awning controllers get the most out of your outdoor canopy so you can focus on having a good time. Get a wall switch, a handheld remote or both at a low price. If you want to learn more about the different types of controls, you can contact us by phone or email.

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