Fabric Bullet Locks


Retractable awnings are primarily used outdoors, and often in harsh conditions of direct sun, whipping winds and outright downpours. Awnings stand up to the elements, but sometimes it takes a few extra tools to give awnings resistance. Fabric bullet locks are a tremendous help to keep the panels of the awning in place and from shifting from side to side.

Fabric panels lock in with the included four fabric bullet locks. The panels are locked into the valance and front bar of the frame to help prevent sliding. Each bullet lock is 1.25″ long by 0.25″ thick with a 2.5mm Allen set screw.

Keeping the fabric awning panels in place goes beyond aesthetics. While the awning will look appropriate, the locks also reduce wear on the fabric. When the fabric shifts from side to side it can abrade on the frame of the awning and start to show wear. When the fabric is locked in a taut frame, it has less room to shift and abrade. (Set of 4)


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1.25″ long x 0.25″ thick metal fabric locks with a 2.5mm Allen set screw. Typically used to the fabric valance and the main cover in place, locking it to the front bar, stopping it from sliding side to side.