Awning Motors, Controls and Sensors

Motorized Retractable Awning Parts

Keep your electric roll-up awning in great shape by installing these replacement awning motor parts. For many people, the hands-free convenience of remote-controlled awnings is worth the added cost. However, like with any motorized object, parts can wear out or break over time. Our selection of awning motor DIY replacement parts makes it easy to repair your awning, so summer gatherings can become more enjoyable again. These Somfy-branded components are assembled in the U.S. with the same high quality as the parts that came with the original awning.

Retractable patio awnings have earned a reputation for being a cost-effective way to not only provide shade for your home’s outdoor areas, but also help reduce your utility bills as these deck or patio awnings can help you keep the inside of your home cooler.

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An awning or canopy can provide welcome shade for the outdoor sections of your residential property, giving you more space to relax and entertain guests. To decrease the costs of installing or repairing your awning, it helps to be able to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance your awning needs from time to time. We offer awning motors, awning accessories and awning components for homeowners who want to do the work themselves and save big.

Why Do People Frequently Opt for Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings offer undeniable benefits for homeowners. They are wondrous for people who like spending time outside, or for giving you a cool place to entertain or host outdoor celebrations of all varieties.

Retractable awnings can also help you protect not only your family members and friends but also your home’s interior from the sun’s often intense and harsh UV rays.

DIY Awning Motors & Power

When the motor in an awning wears out or breaks, it’s often easier for the owner to replace it instead of trying to make repairs. We help keep your patio awning cost down with replacement motors that save money and can be installed yourself. We offer many models of retractable awning motors to power different-size canopies. You’ll find wireless canopy motors that fit specific SunCover awnings and universal awning motors that can fit any covering within certain dimensions. Or selection includes non-override motors that fully open and close once they’ve begun and battery motors that don’t require plugging in. If you do need to connect to a power source, we have a variety of pigtail power cords that are ready to use.

More Control for Your Awning

Even if your awning is already working properly, you might want to add some safety and convenience features. We have a variety of retractable awning sun sensors, wind sensors and other weather sensors that can automatically open or close the awning based on outdoor conditions. Wall switches and remote controls are also available for operating the awning. A simple push of a button can be what stops a retractable awning motor in its tracks! We’ll help you install or repair a roll-up awning for your deck so that it works the way you need. Call or email us for help determining the right DIY parts.

Parts for DIY Retractable Awning Repairs

One reason some people hesitate to install a retractable awning or canopy is the cost. It’s true that having a professional install or repair your awning can be costly. However, DIY Awnings helps make shading solutions more affordable for all homeowners by providing a way to do the awning installation or repairs yourself.

Shop with us for Somfy branded retractable awning motors, controls, sensors and more. Our products come with clear instructions and all the hardware you need to do the job in-house. We help you save money so you’ll have it made in the shade when you enjoy your retractable awning!

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