Retractable Awning Gear to Motor Conversion Kit


If you have a retractable awning and are starting to wish you bought it with a motorized system to open and close the feature, you still can! It’s easy to add a motor with a retractable awning gear to motor conversion kit.

You won’t have to crank the awning open or closed again. This kit is easy to install and includes the parts you need to crank your awning open and closed with a motor and a remote control too. The conversion kit does require a nearby electrical outlet and works with most awnings up to 20′ wide. While it does need to be plugged in, the remote control works on a radio frequency so you can keep it inside the house, or nearby when you’re on the patio so you can adjust it as the sun moves in and out of the clouds.

The gear to motor conversion kit for your retractable awning includes:

  • A 50Nm strength, radio controlled, override motor which will allow you the ability to hand crank the awning in if you lose power.
  • 18’ plug-in power cord — no need for an electrician
  • A manual back-up override stem, which works with your existing crank handle
  • A wireless remote transmitter with a 50’ range
  • Motor bracket and hardware
  • Conversion instructions
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