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Retractable Awning Replacement Parts

While the SunCover line of retractable awnings is crafted to last for years, parts may occasionally fail due to accidents, storm damage or extended use. Instead of having to replace the entire canopy, you can often use retractable awning parts to get it working again. Shop at DIY Retractable Awning parts for everything you need to fix up your favorite sun covering. Whether it’s a ripped fabric cover, broken handle or worn-out motor, we have the supplies you need to make fast repairs without calling a technician.

Common & Hard-to-Find Awning Parts

We have a large selection of parts for retractable awnings — even more than you see listed here. Those who want to restore the convenience of their motor-powered awning can do so with our motorized awning parts. Here you’ll find many different motor models along with power cords, sensors, transmitters and other essentials. Our SunCover awning components section has parts you may need for the main structure such as awning arms, support brackets and end caps.

If you purchased your awning from another dealer, we can still help you get it working again. Universal retractable awing parts work with most major awning brands such as Durasol and Outsunny (along with our SunCover products). This section includes an assortment of components such as manual worm gears, roof mount brackets, crank handles and gear eyes that are easy to install.

The Right Awning Repair Solution

The experts at DIY Retractable Awnings will help you find the correct universal or proprietary parts to fix up your awning in time for a summer of outdoor fun. Once you’ve determined which components need to be repaired or replaced, select a category to start your search or contact us to learn about other options. We can assist even if you don’t know what parts you need — simply describe the problem and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Can’t find your part? We can help!

We carry an extensive selection of awning parts (not all shown here)    **All awning arms we stock are shown above – arms are not interchangeable between brands** Call Toll Free 888-647-4233 Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm EST or Contact Us via email.

Does Your Retractable Awning Need Repair?

Are you wondering if it is worth the cost to fix if it gets damaged? On this page are links to some of the most commonly repaired or replaced awning parts. Below, we’ll discuss parts of the retractable  awning and what things to consider when your patio shade gets a rip or ab arn breaks.

Definitions for common retractable awning parts

  • Retractable arms – The spring-loaded arms that apply tension to the fabric
  • Motor & remote- What operates the retractable awning
  • Crank handle- What operates a manual gear driven retractable awning
  • Gudgeon- What connects the roller tube to the drive or pivot side
  • Cover- The 100% acrylic awning fabric
  • Valance- The free-hanging fabric attached to the front bar
  • Gear Eye- What connects the crank handle to the gear
  • PVC Spline- What holds the fabric cover & valance in place

How are retractable awnings repaired?

Does your awning retract correctly? Do you have a rip that lets the sunshine glare through the canopy? We have a few tips for your patio awning to help you get more life out of it or decide whether it is time to either repair or replace your source of shade and comfort.

Find the source of any damage or issues

Your awning has fabric that can rip when the weather is bad. For example, a fallen tree branch can rip the canopy of your awning when you have a bad storm. After significant events, you will want to do a quick check to make sure everything on your patio is intact. When you look at the exterior of your home, does your awning line up and look even? A pitch adjustment might be needed. Make sure to extend it fully if it is a retractable model to give you a clear view of all the parts including brackets, the fabric cover, and the arms.

Check the shade’s manufacturer to compare costs or ask questions

When you find problems like broken components or large rips, it may not be the best solution to repair the problem. For some patio awnings, the cost of professional repairs can be higher than the price to replace the shade. You may find that you can perform your own repairs, or even replace the awning or shade, for much less money when you choose products from DIY Retractable Awnings.

Each manufacturer is different, and patio awnings have proprietary systems and parts making it impossible to interchange items like retractable arms. There are universal brackets, motors, sensors, and control mechanisms on the market for some models, but some parts are much more proprietary.

Knowing what product and replacement parts your shade needs are important to help you save money, time, and a ton of hassle. We can help you determine what parts you need and what the best route is to take in your situation.

Replacing awnings and awning parts

When you extend the arms of retractable awnings, do they only partially open? Is the damage associated with corrosion or broken arm cables? Is the fabric cover ripped in several locations or does it have much fraying? If you answer yes to any of these three questions, then maybe the entire awning may need to be replaced. With DIY Retractable Awnings, it’s easy to do this for a dramatically lower price than having your awning or canopy professionally installed.

Shop with us today for the awning parts you need, or call us with any questions!