Ball Style Replacement Crank Handle Head


If you’re converting from a hook style to a ball style crank for your retractable blinds, you can keep your crank handle and simply replace the head. Likewise, if the shaft of your crank handle is in good condition, consider just replacing the head with a ball style replacement crank handle head. This replacement head fits a 13mm crank shaft.

To replace the crank handle head with a ball-style, you will have to drill a 5/32″ or 4mm hole through the shaft to insert the roll pin, which is provided. Once in place, the crank handle operates by inserting the ball-style head into the crank and turning the ergonomic handle.

There is no need to toss your sturdy shaft. With this ball-style head replacement, you can keep your handle and convert it to the current style mechanism for your retractable awning. It is economical, environmental and convenient.

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