Preparing Your Awning for the Spring

Awning and Ladder


Spring is right around the corner, so we listed below some tips to help you be prepared to use it!

  • Washing your awning lightly with a brush or cloth can make it much more aesthetically appealing. Use a light cleaning solution (or dish liquid) with warm water. If your awning is starting to develop mildew you can use about a cup of bleach to kill it. Products such as these can be found in most supermarkets.

  • Wiping down the frame, hood and levers with a sponge soaked in an all purpose cleaner.

  • If you have noticed a rip or part that is starting to tear, you can use your manufacturer’s repair tape. If severe, then it is wise to have an awning consultant check it out.

  • Removing your valance for winter storage is recommended since it can prevent excessive wear on your awning fabric. Weather can cause your awning fabric to develop mildew or become discolored. This is a more tedious process, but can be accomplished with a basic tool set or by an awning installer. This is a great routine that can extend the life of your awning for the long run.

  • Awning condition: If you notice serious tears or if your awning is malfunctioning, call DIY Retractable awnings for an in-home estimate and we can help revive your awning!

If you have other questions about the care or maintenance of your retractable awning, please call 888-647-4233 or contact us here.