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Retractable Awnings

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Retractable Awnings

Make the most of a summer day with our retractable awning kits that make the outdoors an even better place to relax. Retractable patio awnings are a great-looking covering for homeowners, business owners and travelers that want a temporary roof over their head. These tent-like structures provide shady relief on sunny days — and if the rain comes, your family or group can still gather outdoors. When you head back inside, simply roll the awning up into the cassette to prevent any accidents or damage. You can also leave them up to shield patio furniture from UV rays during peak hours and prevent premature fading or bleaching.

Versatile DIY Patio Awnings

These custom retractable awnings are easy to install, so you can start spending quality time outside sooner. We offer three levels of awnings to meet your needs and budget. The Retractable Awning Builder SunCover 1000 is an affordable way to cover dining gathering areas. This roll-up outdoor awning is offered in three widths and several fabric colors with a wall-, roof- or soffit-mount attachment.

If you want even more options, consider the Awning Builder SunCover 4000. You’ll have additional width and projection lengths, more fabric colors and a choice of frame color and crank length. The Awning Builder SunCover 5000, meanwhile, lets you select your width down to the inch and even more fabric, frame and braid colors. Each of our awnings can be further customized with a protective aluminum hood and either a manual gear or motor on either side.

Function & Curb Appeal

DIY Retractable Awnings helps homeowners save money on customized shading systems with our long-lasting self-installed awnings. Use these kits for patios, balconies, poolside decks and other places you like to spend time outside. You can also attach these awning kits to RVs and campers for shady travels. Select a model to begin personalizing your patio awning or visit our SunCover Awning Model Comparison Chart to review the various features.