Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Retractable Awning

17 Things to Ask Before Purchasing a Self Installed Retractable Awning

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Awning Fabric RelatedWhat is the fabric made of?100% solution dyed acrylic fabric – USA sourcedTop quality fabrics from world leaders such as Sunbrella
How is fabric cut?100% computerized cuttingThe cut and seamed edges are straight and not browned by cutting with a hot knife
What is the thread made of?We use Gore Tenara thread on the SunCover 5000 unitsThis top on the line, UV stable thread will not have your awning splitting at the seams
How are the panel joined?100% computerized panel joinerThe cover looks better no puckering and the fabric stripes are straight
Is it the same color on both sides?YesThe awning looks beautiful and consistent at any angle
Frame Work RelatedWhat’s it made of?Extruded and cast aluminum componentsStrength and durability
Where does it come from?United States and EuropeBetter quality control, NOT sourced from Asia/China
What’s the arm cable made of?PVC coated 4mm high carbon steelLonger lasting, proven performance that stainless steel in this component
How is the framework coated?Pretreated, primed then polyester powder coatedA Durable finish that will not peal and crack
What is the hardware made of?18-8 stainless steelWill not corrode
What’s the optional hood made of?Powder coated reinforced aluminum to match the frameworkWill not sag, bend, rattle or blow off
How much arm tension is there?Up to 300+ lbs per armThe fabric is tighter, and the unit will withstand stronger wind loads
Other Important QuestionsWhere is the product sourced?United States and a few European country, Austria, Germany, SpainLong term proven quality record with this product
Where is it assembled?In New York, shipped directly to your homeKeeping skilled Americans working
Where can you install it?On a wall, underside of an eve/overhang, or on a roofYou can mount this product on virtually any home
Is the warranty prorated?We provide only full term warrantiesOther companies offer prorated warranties that are virtually worthless after only a few years
Do they have a return policy?YesEven though you are purchasing a custom made product, uniquely designed for you, we do take back returns – see our policy for more details