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A Guide for Outdoor Entertaining

It’s time to invite your closest friends and family over and check out our Guide for Outdoor Entertaining to help spruce up your patio area and make your guests comfortable in your outdoor space.

If you want to transition from day to night in a flash, make sure to include some shading options when designing your patio space. Things like retractable awnings, shades, or fabric covers allow you to choose when and how much light you’d like to bask in. You don’t want your guests to feel stifled or stiff, so it’s important to remember to include a diverse range of seating options for them to choose from. Traditional tables and chairs are great, but you can also try ottomans, cubes, or benches. It’s always important to set the mood with festive music and lighting. Lighting, of course, can have the bonus of keeping bugs away, should you choose to go with citronella candles or torches.

Creating your space is only the first step. Before entertaining outside, take the time to plan your party with food, entertainment and more. For more on these and other tips and tricks, check out our Guide for Outdoor Entertaining below to learn more.

A Guide for Outdoor Entertaining